A non for profit organisation working for the advancement of self-sustainable practices in art, architecture, agriculture & economics

Architecture Catalonia

Photo by Francesca Perani 


The purpose of the Foundation is to administer and maintain in good condition the Masia del Flaquer as well as its agricultural sustainability in order to develop activities in the sectors of culture, arts and media, ecology, architecture and holistic innovation. The Foundation supports activities that involve the concrete application of innovative sustainable concepts in practice. With its headquarters in Catalonia, the Flaquer Foundation works with an international network to research and develop sustainable approaches to various fields. Our interest is in reshaping the way we think and act within our personal practices, social and business relations as well as our relation to the planet as a whole over time. We aim to create sustainable, exportable and most importantly, do-able projects to realize our shared vision.


Jan F. A. Vandendorpe - President & Founder

Marie Mark Andersen - PR & Culture & Facilities

Brandon Davis - Artistic coordinator & Facilities

Philip Deceuninck - Architect & Philantropist

Martha Carola Diaz Aguado - Dr. Biologist 

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Mas Flaquer Sin/nr

17708 Cantallops

Girona, Spain

Phone 1: +34 693 579 331

Phone 2: +34 666 034 060