Organic    Virgin    Cold-pressed


and it's very very good


A perfectly equilibrated blend of several olive varieties:

argudell, picual and a touch of manzanilla.

Soft on the palate with an aroma of Mediterranean herbs:

fresh, green and tantalizing.

Grown on the rough lands of Alt Emporda.


Before falling to the ground, the best olives are picked by hand as soon as their colour starts to alter.

The olives are then subsequently pressed cold in a traditional mechanical manner within 24 hours.

Only in this way we obtain a product of the highest quality and the best taste.




ARGUDELL 47,5 % : the autochthonous Catalunyan argudell olive

fine , soft & great quality with a fresh & green taste of almonds, artichokes and a tinge of anise


PICUAL 47,5 % : usually quite bitter and spicy originating from the south of Spain, the Northern / Catalan variety is very soft by the influence of the harsh dry Tramontana winds and the specifics of our domain.

Due to a typical quality of the picual olive, our oil does not get rancid nor bitter as it ages.


MANZANILLA 5 % : a very tasteful variety added for its exquisite savor.

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