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From the speech of Jan F A Vandendorpe President of Fondacio Flaquer the annual reunion in Cantallops on 20/07/2019: Thanks to all for being here from different countries, continents and disciplines such as filosophy, architecture, the arts, social projects, agriculture, biology, energy, sustainability. First some personal history. I have worked in social projects in Senegal, Guatemala, Mexico, Belgium and beyond. The United Nations proposed me a project in Laos but I decided to do something positve in Catalonia instead. Thats how I ended up in Cantallops and created Fondacion Flaquer. Carefully we are building up international and local connections with institutes & groups in the field of culture, culture being a general term for all that connects us socially and environmentally. The ethymology of the word "ECONOMY" is the greek term "oikos" which means: house, family, village, environment and "nomos" meaning: the know how, the management. The purpose of economy is to organise our ressources for the benefit of the "oikos". So "economy " takes care of food, services, air, water, health, human and environmental connections for feeding its inhabitants. Nowadays "economy" has become an autonomous system that feeds itself ON its inhabitants. Foundation Flaquer works on the original meaning of "eco-nomy" and wants to be an inspiring and stimulating meeting place trough the practice of organising our resources for the benefits of its members, the village of Cantallops, Catalonia and beyond. For people of now and for the future of our children, grandchildren... in short; we have to clean up the mess we created before we die. Furthermore there was a speech by CEO Philip Deceuninck about his sustainable projects in Jamaica and Haiti and a speech by Dr. Biologist Marta Carola about sustainability in Catalonia.


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